How does this work?

We supply your razor blades on a subscription. This means every month you will receive a new set of razor cartridges to refresh your blade arsenal.  We deliver to your home right away so you need not worry about forgetting your refills, we sort out the remembering for you. All you need to do is sit back are relax to know that all your needs are taken cared.


How are payments fulfilled? Is it safe?

Shave it Club takes security very seriously. Hence we have engaged our friends in Paypal for their services. The payment gateway we are using is called Braintree. So rest assured that your credit card details are safe. It will not be open to scams. No credit information will be given to us.  This card information are all processed with Braintree(paypal), shave it club plays no role in storing credit information.  For more info on Braintree and their services click here.


How can I cancel?

Cancelling your subscription is easy. You may cancel it by visiting your account page or just email us at


Can I restart my subscription after cancellation?

Unfortunate no, you would have to go through the whole process again. Its not that difficult anyways.

When will you deliver my order?

We will deliver your order in 1-3 working days upon receiving your order. After which we will email you with your tracking number so you will able to check the whereabouts of your parcel.


If I order another product from your website (eg shaving cream) will it be delivered together?

Yup! It will unless your order is too big than we will send it separately to ensure the product arrives in the best condition.


How long does it take for it to arrive?

We are using Singpost as our courier fulfillers. Usually it takes 2 – 3 days to arrive. For more info check out their FAQ by clicking here.