Premium razor blades. Delivered. Convenient.
All boxed up in one awesome pack.

Shave It Club OutdoorsWe at Shave It Club realize that all people really want is a good shave. A good shave that they can all rely on, free from ridiculous price tags, irrelevant vibrations, pointless rotations, and boring queue lines.

We knew we needed to solve this problem.

So this is where we begin. Real shaves with no gimmicks, only convenience – right to your door step.

Forget about remembering to get you next batch of blades cause we will do it for you.

This is the only club you ever need to be a part of.

Welcome to the Shave It Club.

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What do I get besides the blades?


Good shaves delivered to your doorstep monthly.

Exclusive members-only card with curated perks from partner merchants.

Become a part of Singapore’s biggest and fastest growing shaving community.